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  • Osborne urged to boost flood defence spending

    The UK must invest hundreds of millions more pounds into flood defences to properly protect homes and business, the chancellor has been

  • Truss attack on solar farms ‘misguided’

    Liz Truss, the environment secretary, has come under fire for a "misguided" attack on solar energy farms in which she claimed they were a "blight on the...

  • Take-up of plug-in car grants doubles

    Over a quarter of the UK's plug-in cars were sold in the last three months as take-up of government grants for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) rapidly...

  • South West receives cash boost

    Greg Clark, Minister for Universities, Science and Cities, will join up with councils and businesses from across the South West to sign the £270.3 million Heart of the South...

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  • Flooding

    we know which rivers and areas are prone to flooding, survey up and down stream of the flood and... MORE

  • Sustainable Transport

    The present system doesn't work at all. It's not competition as reduced fares are limited to one... MORE

  • Renewable

    How long will it take to recoup the installation costs from the reduced gas and electricity bills?... MORE

  • Funding

    Determine what is the most common and offer the greatest advantages of digital.Renco's high volume,... MORE

  • Energy

    In the absence of large-scale energy storage a continental grid is required to efficiently use wind... MORE

  • Flooding

    The Greens have obviously never heard of Voltaire... "I may disagree with what you say ,but I will... MORE

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