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  • Re: How do you tackle sustainability in the community?

    As part of a sustainable Blacon initiative a scheme that involved volunteers was introduced. A number of properties were retro fitted with energy...

  • Re: Your feedback is not important!!

    Regarding the topics that could be covered in the event, it would be good to see an overview of the UK energy system (and its carbon footprint), as...

  • Re: Your feedback is not important!!

    I am particularly interested in housing and carbon reduction and the links between this and behaviour change and fuel poverty. Also how to harness...

  • Re: Your feedback is not important!!

    Learning is best achieved when we are receptive and are young and if we see and do things from a very young age they become part of everyday life. ...

  • Re: Your feedback is not important!!

    I find that your seminars are beneficial. The choice of workshops is good and you get an overview of a subject rather than the scope being to...

  • Your feedback is not important!!

    Govtoday are proud that in a recent survey carried out with our delegates we achieved an amazing 97% satisfaction rate. As Head of Delegates I would...

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